Bhaktivedanta Manor
Bhaktivedanta Manor
Watford, Herts

Bhaktivedanta Manor was the gift of Beatle George Harrison in 1973 and is set on a 70-acre estate in rural Hertfordshire. Although in the country, it is just a short taxi-ride from either Edgeware or Stanmore tube stations, or Radlett or Watford Junction train stations.

There is a full curriculum of classes and workshops, with courses in subjects from Vedic medicine (Ayurveda) and mantra meditation to vegetarian cooking; we’ll even give you hands-on training in ploughing with a team of oxen! And if you’re looking to deepen your spiritual experience, you can also come on a retreat, joining in the life of the community for a weekend or more. Special introductory talks on the philosophy of Bhagavad-gita are included.

The Manor is only 13 miles from London, just a short distance from junction 5 of the M1, and close to tube and rail stations.

Please write or phone for further information:

Bhaktivedanta Manor, Hillfield Lane, Aldenham, Watford, Herts, WD25 8EZ (for Sat-Nav use WD25 8DT);

Tel: 01923 851 000; E-mail:


Krishna Temple
Radha Krishna Temple
Soho, London

Radha-Krishna Temple is situated in London’s West End, amidst the commotion of the modern city, the temple is an oasis of spiritual culture. From Monday to Saturday at 1 pm and 6 pm, we hold open classes on the philosophy of Krishna consciousness. On Sundays, our famous Hare Krishna love feast entertains and inspires many guests with spiritual music, philosophy, and sumptuous vegetarian food.

To experience a revitalising taste of Krishna consciousness, you are more than welcome to come and pay us a visit. Our temple is located at 10 Soho Street, two minutes’ walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station. Located next to the Temple is the popular Govinda’s vegetarian restaurant which is open Monday to Saturday from 12 pm to 9 pm.

For further information regarding our programmes visit Or phone us on 020 7437 3662.

E- mail:


Other Meetings
Other Meetings


Contact: Dina Diyadra das on 07905 263310 e:


Contact: Satish Parmar on 01202 290815 e:


Contact: Bhagavat Asraya das on 07533 651528 


Contact: Jereme and Sam Crow on 01304 820933


Contact: Minaketanarama das on 07971 823628 / 01779 669770


Contact: Chris Pakula on 01252 511826 e:
Date: Last Thursday evening of every month


Contact: Caitanya Jivan dasa on 07904 202 400


Contact: Ann Goh on 01908 393957 or 07854 900695 e:
Mahaprabhu das on 0208 953 9429 or 07760 291208
Venue: The Leisure Centre, 2 Engaine Drive, Shenley Church End, MK5 6JU


Contact: Dave Edwards on 07989 691 356


Contact: Jayadeva das on 01708 454092 e:


Contact: Ravindra on 07903 212 291 e:


Contact: Gurudas on 07742 914 938 e:


Contact: Jagat Priya on 07776 060697 440 e:

Govindas Restaurant
Govindas Restaurant
Swansea, Wales

Swansea Temple:

Come and experience Krishna consciousness at our Swansea temple. You will find a haven of spiritual culture and sumptuous vegetarian cuisine just two minutes’ walk from the city centre.

Our acclaimed Govinda’s restaurant and gift shop is open Monday to Thursday from 12 pm to 3 pm; Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 6 pm. Every Sunday we hold the famous Hare Krishna love feast from 2 pm to 5 pm.

We also have an introductory programme consisting of chanting, philosophy, and a vegetarian meal every Tuesday evening between 7 pm and 8.30 pm. Entrance £3.

For more information contact:

The Hare Krishna Temple, 8 Craddock St, Swansea SA1 3EN; Tel: 01792 468469;


Check the Govindas vegetarian restaurant & Cafe Atma (Cardiff) website by clicking below.

N.England Group
N.England Group


Date and Time: Every Saturday evening 6.30 to 7.30pm
Venue: Veda Mandir, Thomas Holden Street (off Chorley Old Road), Bolton, BL1 2QG
Contact: Vrajendra Lal das on 07795 840776 email:


Date & Time : Every Last Sunday of the month 2PM-5PM
Venue :
The Cardigan Centre, 145 – 149 Cardigan Road, Leeds LS6 1LJ
Contact: Raj 07940488376, email:


Date & Time : Every last Friday of the month 6PM-8PM
Venue : Liver House, 96 Bold Street (2nd floor), Liverpool, England L1 4HY
Contact: 07726688778, email:


Event: Bhagavad Gita class
Date & Time: Every Friday, 7PM-9PM
Venue: ISKCON Manchester, 20 Mayfield Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8FT
Contact: 0161 226 4416,,

Event: Sunday Feast programme
Date & Time: Every Sunday, 4.30PM-7.30PM
Venue: ISKCON Manchester, 20 Mayfield Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8FT
Contact: 0161 226 4416,


Event: Wednesday Programme
Date & Time:
Every Wednesday, 6PM-8PM

Venue: ISKCON Newcastle, 304 Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE4 6AR
Programme: Mantra Meditation - Experience an evening of blissful Mantra Meditation session. It's Free!
Contact: 0191 2721911, 07530813239, email:

Event: Sunday Feast Public Programme
Date & Time: Every Sunday, 3PM-5.30PM
Venue: ISKCON Newcastle, 304 Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE4 6AR
Programme: Devotional singing & dancing, Arati, Philosophical talk & discussion, and Sumptuous feast (Free)
Contact: 0191 2721911, 07530813239, email:


Date & Time: Every 2nd Saturday of the month, 05:00pm - 6:00pm
Venue :
Edith Banks Hall, Northop, Wales
Contact: Dinabandhu Das 0795 270 0397, email:


Date & Time: Every last Thursday of the month, 6:30PM-8:30PM
Venue :
Princes Building, 50-52 Lancaster Road, (across Preston City Council, use Lord Street entrance), Preston, PR1 1DD.
Contact: Doug 07935 573339, email:


Date & Time : Every Wednesday 6:00pm-8:00pm
Venue :
Broomhall Centre, Broomspring Lane, Sheffield, S10 2FD.
Contact: 07726688778, email:


Date & Time : Every Wednesday 7PM-9PM
Radha Mohan Das 0772 078 4690, eMail 


Date & Time : Every 3rd Sunday of the month, 04:30pm - 6:00pm
Venue :
Rama Krishna Temple, Warrington, 7 Haydock Street, Warrington, Cheshire WA2 7UW
Contact: Dinabandhu Das 0795 270 0397, email:


Date & Time : Every Saturday, 6:00pm -8:00pm
Venue :
Friends’ Meeting House, Friargate, York, YO1  9RL
Contact: Jackie and John 01723 377 518 or 07971977954, email:

Karuna Bhavan
Karuna Bhavan


Date & Time : Every 1st Tuesday of the month, 6PM-8PM
Venue : Boyd Orr Building, Lecture Theatre A (4th floor), University of Glasgow, University Avenue (off Byres Road), Glasgow, Scotland, G12 8QQ.
Contact: 07726688778, email:


Event name: Bhakti Yoga  Evening
Date & Time: Every 1st Friday of the month, 6:30PM-8:30PM
Venue :
The Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5AB
Programme: Music, Mantras, Dance, Timeless Wisdom
Contact: 07726688778, email:


Date & Time : Every 2nd Sunday of the month 4PM-6PM
Venue : Quakers Meeting House, 98 Crown Street (off Union Street), AB11 6HJ
Contact: 07726688778, email:



Karuna Bhavan Spiritual Community and Retreat centre

Situated 25 miles south of Glasgow off the M74 motorway, the small spiritual community sits neatly on the hill overlooking the old Scottish village of Lesmahagow, and the atmosphere is tranquil, set in peaceful countryside. Karuna Bhavan’s principle ecological project, Krishna eco-farm is a developing low-impact project from seed to table, which uses permaculture and sustainable principles as possible.

In philosophy it draws inspiration from ancient Vedic Culture, a continued way of life that has lasted for thousands of years, also called Sanatana Dharma, the permanent (sustainable) way of life - self-perpetuating and regenerating. Please visit for volunteering opportunities.


Krishna Wisdom is all about seeing and living life from the inside-out rather than the outside in. Krishna wisdom answers all the unanswered questions of life. Through its energizing mediation retreats for inner transformation to its enlivening philanthropic endeavours for society and environment, Krishna Wisdom projects and programs attract people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life to form an inclusive, unified network that nourishes all aspects of human wellbeing.

Krishna wisdom invites one to learn from an ancient source of tried and tested wisdom, “the secrets of the east”, through self-development seminars, interactive workshops and exciting projects. All our programs provide the opportunity for conversation and dialogue with the leading thinkers, teachers and practitioners of this lifestyle in the modern day.

The Krishna Wisdom website is run by a dedicated group of spiritual scientists who are constantly working on delivering an online hub for reflection and inspiration.


Our Lifestyle:

One Krishna saying goes like this: ‘Befriend the wise, taste the divine, care for all beings’. In our lifestyle we try to follow that motto.

Befriend the Wise – Our Hare Krishna movement was started by a spiritual master who came from India and shared his Krishna wisdom with anyone who would listen. His books, recorded teachings, and personal example inspired people to take up the practices themselves. The small gatherings he founded have now grown into an international community of more than 1200 centres and local groups of more than a million members.

All the members see themselves as friends and followers of Srila Prabhupada, and they try in their daily lives to extend the network of friends that he began. That’s why you will always see the Krishna people either reading a book such as Bhagavad-gita - or handing one out to someone else! The books are an invitation to learn from an ancient source of tried and tested wisdom. And the local groups are a way to meet up with others who are enjoying the spiritual life based on them. There are either contacts or regular meetings in most towns, and everyone is welcome.

Taste the Divine – The proof is in the pudding, they say, and in this case it is in the recitation of the Hare Krishna ‘maha-mantra,’ the unique sound formula that has been chanted quietly or sung along with music by millions of people in the east for thousands of years. Somehow it works with everyone, but you have to experience it for yourself. Committed members chant for half an hour each morning – and many for longer. The deep, relaxing, meditative state is true mental refreshment and gives you a new perspective on the world. Chanted to oneself it is known as ‘japa,’ while sung along with music its known as ‘kirtan.’ Try it today.

Care for All Beings – Compassion, Humility and Forgiveness are important qualities on the spiritual path. One powerful method of developing these is to try to see all living things as equal. By seeing the spiritual soul within each and every being, and not merely the temporary external body, those who are wise see things as they are. Non-violence means that no creature should suffer for what we eat or wear, so Krishna lifestyle is based on vegetarian food. Not only that, but followers of Krishna wisdom offer the food they eat on a home altar, reciting Sanskrit mantras to have it blessed before they have their meal. In this way, even the food we eat can purify us.

So this is the Krishna lifestyle: spiritual friends, inspiring books, colourful festivals, music and divine food – and the happiness that comes from sharing all that with others.





Festival of Spirit

Festival of Spirit is a travelling road show that brings the flavours, sounds and colourful sights of Krishna to your town. In just three hours you’ll be treated to the meditative energy and healing sounds of kirtan; watch a play; listen to a short introductory talk; experience an Indian dance performance; and finally, get to taste a plate of our vegetarian delights. Whatever your spiritual interest, you won’t be disappointed.

The whole evening is an introduction to Bhakti Yoga, the ancient art of connecting with the divine source within. It has been practised for thousands of years – and it works. We think you’ll enjoy the Festival of Spirit as have many thousands of others around the country. Have a look at the list and see where its already been – and when its coming to your town.



Yoga for the Heart

Yoga for the Heart is a series of retreats designed for you to discover a spiritual dimension. Learning the art of spiritual mindfulness, Yoga for the Heart promises to deliver thought- provoking seminars relevant to your everyday struggles. From sessions covering practical meditation, rejuvenating yoga and the secret of successful relationships, all over the picturesque backdrop of the Bhaktivedanta Manor, these short refreshing breaks await you.

Re-engineer your lifestyle (25th Jan 2014)

Positivity and optimism (22nd Feb 2014)

Developing deeper relationships (29th Mar 2014)

Power of habits (26th Apr 2014)

Food for thought (31st May 2014)

Organic living (28th Jun 2014)

Ancient secrets of meditation (26th Jul 2014)     

The incredible spiritual London experiences (26th Aug 2014)

The art of forgiveness (27th Sep 2014)

The power of sound (25th Oct 2014)

The Guru (29th Nov 2014)

A Christmas party (13th Dec 2014)


Venue: Bhaktivedanta Manor, Hilfield Lane, AldenhamWatford WD25 8EZ (for Sat-Nav use WD25 8DT)  

Timings: 10am to 3pm

Price: £20 for each retreat or £150 for all retreats


To register please click here:


If you have registered and would like to make a payment click here:

Open Saturdays

Our open Saturdays at Bhaktivedanta Manor are whistle stop tours into the spiritual world. With a taste of the spiritual east these excursions give a rounded experience of practical spiritual tools that anyone can benefit from.

With your guide you will experience meditation, Yoga, Mantra chants, and informative presentation and a tour of a mock Tudor mansion turned spiritual haven, gifted to us by one of the Beatels.

Capped of with some great conversation and vegetarian snacks, what a better way to have a new experience on Saturday afternoon. So come and visit us the next Saturday if you are free.


Every Saturday 12 noon to 5 pm

Address: Bhaktivedanta Manor, Hilfield Lane, Aldenham, Watford WD25 8EZ (for Sat-Nav use WD25 8DT)

Contact: 01923 851 000  Email:

Food for All
Food for All
Central London

Hare Krishna Food for All is a free vegetarian hot meal service for university students and the homeless at six locations in London.

University students go hungry some days. Its an uncomfortable fact, but there are days when a student’s money doesn’t stretch to a balanced, hot meal. That’s when a Hare Krishna Food for All vegetarian dinner comes in handy.

Every day for the past six years a three-wheel rickshaw, loaded up with steaming rice, tasty vegetable curry, soup, spicy poppadoms and a drink, arrives in three of the capital’s universities. A long line of students (and staff!) immediately forms, and soon everyone is happily eating.

Elsewhere, the Hare Krishna FFA service provides hot meals to the homeless in three convenient street locations. For those who are hungry, the hot Krishna meals make a real difference. 650 plates are served every day.

Eco Farming
Eco Farming
Lesmahagow, Scotland

Krishna Eco Farm is a developing low-impact project from seed to table, which uses permaculture and sustainable pinciples as possible. It is run by a community of Hare Krishna devotees, established in 1987. In philosophy it draws inspiration from ancient Vedic Culture, a continued way of life that has lasted for thousands of years, also called Sanatana Dharma, the permanent (sustainable) way of life - self-perpetuating and regenerating. In practice it allows to reconnect to the soil and mother earth, to develop a reverence for all life and to help appreciate the invisible hand of the Divine in everyday activities. 

We hope to present this model to the people as an alternative, holistic lifestyle and a possible solution to the ecological and even social problems. In this way, we hope to bring and spread peace throughout society and to offer to people a positive alternative. Our motto is 'simple living, high thinking'. 

There is a walled garden, 4 green houses, a meditation garden, temple and recently installed energy saving technology including a bio-mass boiler, wind turbines and solar panels. If you would like to volunteer at our farm please contact:



The white stuff doesn’t have to come as a by-product of the meat industry. There is another, far more gentle, way.

You don’t buy milk from a slaughter-house, but modern dairy farming methods almost always involve killing cows at some stage. Krishna lifestyle is based on compassion towards all life, so because we drink milk we care for our own cows. But many people were coming to us and asking for our ‘karma-free’ milk. So we came up with a scheme to transport the white stuff from a sustainable, compassionate source. The Sanskrit word ‘Ahimsa’ means ‘non-violence’ and is the label for a new type of milk and dairy product. Although many of our friends are already vegan, those who believe that cows and humans can live in helpful harmony can take advantage of the new Ahimsa range.

BBC Interview on Youtube: feature=player_embedded&v=MPyxmHsQeg0


Cows Are Us at the Hertfordshire Visitor Centre for all things Bovine

We love our cows. Its true, we do. Big ones, little ones, black and white ones, and cream or brown ones. And we love bulls, too. There are more than fifty of them at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Centre for Cow Protection and Working Oxen. Called by its much shorter Sanskrit name - The Goshalla – its a visitor centre where the public can get up close to cows and really big bulls.

You can learn how important cows and bulls were in Britain’s pre-industrial history; why cow’s milk is good for yoga and meditation; and why bulls are better than tractors for ploughing the earth.

At the Goshalla you can have a go at milking a cow and find out why these gentle creatures deserve protection.

For more info watch:

Here Comes the Sun - George Harrison

This insightful new biography follows George Harrison's early life and career, his often
underrated contribution to the Beatles' legacy, and the musical and spiritual journey
that shaped his life 

Price: £8.00

Click here to buy this product

Veda - Secrets of the East

Veda explores the secrets of spirituality found in the ancient writings of the East. Probing into topics such as the soul, karma, reincarnation, and meditation, this book will help awaken within you the spiritual insights great teachers have spoken of for thousands of years.

Price: £5.00

Click here to buy this product

The Journey of Self Discovery

Brighten your life with the light of self-knowledge and gain a world perspective usually reserved for ascetics and saints. Srila Prabhupada reveals how the Vedic literature and the techniques of mantra meditation can help us resolve all personal and social conflicts, come to a state of permanent peace and happiness, and satisfy the soul's timeless thirst for perfection.

Price: £6.50

Click here to buy this product

Chant and be Happy

This book answers those questions and many more you may have about the science of Krsna consciousness. Mantra-meditation can bring you ultimate self awareness. Includes fifty pages of exclusive conversations with George Harrison and John Lennon.

Price: £1.50

Click here to buy this product

Beyond Birth and Death

The simple process of chanting the names of Krsna will reveal what one is, what God is, what the material and spiritual universes are, why we are conditioned, how we can get out of that conditioning - and everything else, step by step.

Price: £1.00

Click here to buy this product

The Higher Taste - Cookbook

The Higher Taste is a great introduction to the philosophy and practice of vegetarianism, Hare Krishna style. It lets the reader discover the health and economic advantages, as well as the important ethical and spiritual considerations, of a Krishna conscious approach to diet and nutrition. Health, economic, and spiritual advantages of a vegetarian diet. The yoga of cooking and eating. Includes over 70 recipes.

Price: £1.50

Click here to buy this product

The Journey Home - HH Radhanath Swami

Within this extraordinary memoir, Radhanath Swami weaves a colorful tapestry of adventure, mysticism, and love. Readers follow Richard Slavin from the suburbs of Chicago to the caves of the Himalayas as he transforms from young seeker to renowned spiritual guide. The Journey Home is an intimate account of the steps to self- awareness and also a penetrating glimpse into the heart of mystic traditions and the challenges that all souls must face on the road to inner harmony and a union with the Divine.

Price: £12.00

Click here to buy this product

Bhagavad Gita (as it is)

This book gives knowledge of five basic truths and the relationship of each truth to the other. The Gita lucidly explains the nature of consciousness, the self, and the universe. 

Bhagavad-gita's 700 concise verses are elaborately explained to provide a definitive guide to the science of self-realisation. Find out why Bhagavad-gita has provided spiritual nourishment to great thinkers such as Gandhi, Einstein, Huxley, Thoreau, Kant, Goethe, and Schopenhauer.

Price: £7.50

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The Reincarnation Controversy

An excellent resource for students of religion and the general public. Recent polls show that seventy percent of Americans believe in reincarnation, but religious tradtions often totally reject this idea. However, this book explores the history of religions and shows that they pose no barrier to the acceptance of reincarnation.

Price: £4.00

Click here to buy this product

Inside the Hare Krishna Movement

This book allows one to peek inside the Hare Krishna's heads for a little while and find out just what kind of people they really are. I found it fascinating, and I have to say that the picture one gets from reading about the maturing of this deeply religious movement is far different than most people's preconceived notions. Too often we tend to judge people without knowing much about them, and this book gives us information that will help us make an informed evaluation. I have long felt that the bad press about such organizations is highly unfair, and one-sided at best. Now I'm sure of it. I was really impressed with all the good qualities and values promoted by this Movement, and I have to agree with the fellow who wrote the book's foreword: This movement is NOT a group of mind- numbed cultists, but rather an amazing and diversified aggregation of intelligent and sincere souls. Please read this book and be inspired. At the very least, prepare to be impressed!

Price: £12.99

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Quick Vegetarian Dishes

Australia's vegetarian guru has done it again. Kurma's third cookbook is for people on the run. Like life today, the fare in this cookbook is fast, stylish, multicultural and variegated. With these 140 recipes, a tantalizing array of international dishes, you can showcase your speed-cooking talents. 

Price: £20.00

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Absolute Cedarwood 250g

New line this year.  This incense comes complete with see-through plastic box for air-tight storage. 

Price: £12.00

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Absolute Frankincense 250g

New line.  Very popular for scent for thousands of years.  As recommended by one of the three wise men :)

Comes in a plastic box to keep the incense fresher for longer!

Price: £12.00

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Absolute Parijatha 250g

This incense comes complete with see-through plastic box for air-tight storage. 

Price: £12.00

Cl ick here to buy this product

Absolute Rose 100g

100g plastic tube of Absolute Rose incense.  Beautiful fragrance.  An incense by any other name... Ah. Nice!

Price: £6.00

Cl ick here to buy this product

Chakrini - Songs of the Soul

Female vocalist and musician Chakrini plays original pieces and some old traditional bhajans 

Price: £8.00

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Gaura Vani AKS - 10 Million Moons

This sweet, powerful music transforms the mind, penetrates the heart and awakens the soul

Price: £8.00

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The Best of Mahatma das

Orchestrated traditional mantras with mellow western music flavored by Indian musical undertones. Fourteen selections from six previous tapes. 

Price: £8.00

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Radha Krishna Temple - Prod. by George Harrison

Album produced by George Harrison, featuring The Hare Krishna Mantra, Govinda prayers and other devotional music. 

Price: £8.00

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From Here to Eternity - John Richardson (Jayadev)

Contains 11 tracks of soul touching music from Jayadev. The sound of eternity shines throughout. Includes traditional bhajans such as Radha Krishna Prana Mora and Twomeva, as well as a selection of new contemporary tracks.

Price: £10.00

Click here to buy from

Deluxe Meditation Kit

This deluxe mantra meditation kit provides you with all the necessary tools to awaken your spiritual senses through the simple yet sublime process of chanting Hare Krishna Mantra

Price: £9.00

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Meditation beads #1 

The bumpy textured seed of the Radhraksha tree are traditionally used for mantra meditation and are considered sacred to Lord Shiva.>

Price: £6.00

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Meditation beads #2

The smooth, dark red beads are knotted on matching red cord and end in a silky red tassel

Price: £4.50

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Neck Beads - Braided

Three strands of tiny natural Tulasi beads braided together make these neck beads a little more stylish.

Price: £3.50

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Neck Beads - Thin

Regular size Tulasi neck beads strung on sturdy nylon monofilament with a brass barrel-screw clasp. This set will fit around most necks once [1 round]> 

Price: £1.50

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