• Who are we?
    Who are we?
    We're a group of spiritual enthusiasts like you, mostly monks who want to make spiritual wisdom available for all.
  • Your learning companion
    Your learning companion
    We've put together some videos, quizzes and learning materials so you can learn about life in an interesting way. Because life is interesting!
  • Earn points and badges
    Earn points and badges
    There's a lot to keep coming back for. Your visits count and earn you points that you can trade for either books, or free entry to Yoga retreats, Mind Body Soul, or Soul Expressions.
  • The Wisdom blog
    The Wisdom blog
    We've got some good stuff to share, and so do you. So why not submit your blogs and we'll publish them for the whole of planet Earth to see!
  • We don't want to keep you away from fun stuff!
    We don't want to keep you away from fun stuff!
    Share your achievements, blogs, courses, questions, everything you learn with your friends and impress them!
  • Think no one can answer your questions?
    Think no one can answer your questions?
    We've tried to answer questions about life that sometimes have no answers. Have a look, and maybe you'll find something in there you're looking for!
  • Ready. Steady. Play!
    Ready. Steady. Play!
    We've got a free meditation app for you to download, and also some great music to play as you browse through and learn.
A Spiritual Community
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Because life is interesting
A Spiritual Community
Meet-ups near you
Because life is interesting
What is Krishna Wisdom?

Practicing spirituality is not easy in today's age of mass distraction. Thankfully, the timeless wisdom of the East makes it accessible, practical, and enjoyable. Krishna Wisdom is part of the Hare Krishna tradition that brings you these powerful spiritual principles in a fun and innovative way through music, meditation, retreats, and festivals.

The Apprentice Monk
Kripamoya das


Is the soul real, or just a philosophical idea?

Do you sometimes wonder if there is more to life than what you see? In this dramatic short clip based on the ancient books on eastern wisdom, is a hidden message so profound that it will change your persepctive on life.

Click on the video above to watch.


Infinity begins where your perception fails



So you’re curious about life and want to find out more, but can’t put your head down and read a book or two?!

Don’t worry, we know how you feel. That’s why we worked hard and put a few videos and other interesting stuff together to inspire you. Join the Apprentice Monk on a spiritual quest, as we take you through various books of wisdom on an incredible adventure.

start your journey now..